Residential Fencing

Kiwi Fencing creates custom residential fencing and gates for pools, patios, gardens, entryways, driveways, landscaped areas, and more. From stylish decor to privacy and safety, we have you covered. We design and install fencing solutions for every style, budget and function!

Residential fencing is typically used to maintain privacy or keep your dogs in. From cedar privacy fence to security chain link to vinyl, it can be hard to narrow down the selection. Let our experience guide you to a solution that will work for you!  Every style has an appealing aesthetic to match whatever is around it. If you can imagine it, we can make it.



This classic fence adds class to any area, particularly along driveways or property lines. Can be made of wood for a more traditional look, or vinyl for exceptional durability and low maintenance.


Cedar Rail


Simple but elegant, this fencing is often used to define property lines or long entryways. Solid construction, and great for homes, businesses and farms.


Deer Fence


Typically 7 to 8 feet high, this fencing is designed to keep deer out of your garden or landscaping. High-tensile woven mesh attached to metal or wood posts.

Custom Gates


From monument-style to private entryways to simple gates for picket fencing, custom gate possibilities are virtually limitless. See our photo gallery for ideas!




Heavy duty and versatile, wire mesh fencing helps protect gardens and flowerbeds. It can also serve as a visual barrier and/or containment option for dogs and other small pets.




Picket fences come in a variety of materials and styles. Choose from vinyl, metal, PVC, composite or traditional wood. The design can be classic, staggered, arched, scalloped, classic, pointed, and more. Contact us for options!


Post and Rail


Great for driveways, landscaped areas, farms and more, the post and rail fence style is simple and solid. This low-maintenance fence is sturdy yet economical to construct.




Privacy fences come in a variety of styles and materials, yet all of them ensure that there is no view to the opposite side of the fence.




Vinyl fencing can be post-and-rail, picket fence, or various screen styles. A long-term, low  maintenance solution, these fences come in multiple colors and styles, and weather well.


chain link residential fencing

Chain Link

Chain link fencing, also known as cyclone fencing, is one of the most popular choices for everything from light residential to heavy commercial fence applications. It is one of the most practical styles of fencing, relatively easy to install, and cost effective.

For more options, check out our Residential Fencing Gallery!

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