Livestock Fencing

Custom Design and Personalization

Kiwi aims to help you solidify your ideas and achieve your dreams. We have the skill set, equipment and design experience to customize solutions, often creating for customers what no one else can. Our most common fences include woven wire mesh, chain link and board fence. However we can work with you to develop a variety of solutions based on your needs and challenges unique to your property.

Five Strand New Zealand Fencing 

Five strand New Zealand Fencing is an affordable and practical way for keeping livestock in. It entails five strands of electrified 12 gauge galvanized wire spaced apart with a composite dropper post every 10 feet, and wood posts spaced every 50 feet to maintain stability and longevity. 

Hi-Tensile Mesh

Hi-Tensile Mesh consists of 12 gauge woven wire at heights of 4, 5, and 6 feet, perfect for a paddock or field, keeping predators out and livestock in. The mesh is tensioned and attached to wood posts, proving extremely strong, reliable and durable. Providing both livestock safety and predator management, hi-tensile mesh is a long term solution for a variety of animals in a farm setting while keeping a rustic design.

Hi-tensile mesh fence

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a strong fencing option with a multitude of applications. It can be a great long term solution, used as a top or bottom wire serving as a defensive barrier between predators and your livestock. Barbed wire also works well for keeping bigger animals such as cattle in their designated areas.

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Our office manager will be happy to get you set up with our livestock fencing estimator to see your particular property and help you identify which fencing options are the best match for your budget, style and livestock fencing needs.​

Becky Lengtat
Office Manager