Horse Fencing

Kiwi Fencing offers a wide variety of horse fencing solutions including:
Centaur, Noble, No-Climb, EquiFence, Horse Rail, Post and Rail, Post and Board, custom gates and more


With Centaur® fence systems, the flexible design of the fence rail ensures that if a horse pushes or rushes the fence, it will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the perimeter. Centaur® features three strands of 12.5 gauge high tensile steel wire embedded in Deluxe HTP® polymer material.



There are so many options with Noble panels and gates, we can help you design pretty much what ever your horses need. Check out our gallery to view just some of the many Noble  paddocks, arenas and pasture fences we’ve installed.



Gallagher understands that unlike many other animals, horses are lively, temperamental and sometimes unpredictable. That’s why we created the Gallagher EquiFence system – a safe, highly visible fence that doesn’t stretch in the wind. Commonly used with steel posts, wooden posts and pigtail offsets on existing fences, Equifence is a versatile, effective solution for permanent horse control.

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Non-Climb Mesh

Non-Climb horse fencing is designed to prevent horses from putting their legs through the fencing. The closely spaced narrow vertical mesh design helps keep predators out and keeps horses from stepping through or walking down the fence. Flexible on impact, the wire is smooth on both sides to prevent snags, abrasion and injuries.


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Our office manager will be happy to get you set up with our equine fencing estimator to see your particular property and help you identify which fencing options are the best match for your budget, style and horse fencing needs.​


Becky Lengtat
Equestrian, Office Manager