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What We Do

Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc. is the sole source provider for your entire farm’s unique needs. We specialize in farm, ranch, livestock, and garden fencing, as well agricultural fencing services. We are a family owned company that has been around for over 30 years, and have the knowledge to help you build a custom fence that suits you, whether it’s helping with your pasture design and paddock set up or just trying to keep the dogs in.

We first started our company as a one-man show with a background in fencing on a family farm in New Zealand. Born and raised running a sheep farm, we learned to fix and install the proper fencing needed to protect and pen the sheep. After moving to the US and learning the different fencing styles and techniques used for farming in the area, we are proud to offer an array of custom and stylish fencing to suit your needs and wants, based on your unique property.



Warwick Bryant is the fourth son to a second-generation New Zealand farm family in the hill country on the North Island. Early days were sans electricity and color television, but rich in agricultural experiences raising grass fed sheep and beef.  Warwick graduated with top honors from Flockhouse, New Zealand’s premier agricultural school at the time. He won a scholarship to England’s Royal Berkshire College of Agriculture where he received a degree in Grasslands Management. 

While traveling the world, Warwick often worked on farms in England, South Africa, and throughout the United States. He even combined wheat in North Dakota and barley for Coors in Colorado. 

The Bryant family moved to Washington State in 1988, finding it halfway between Janice’s family in Iowa, and Warwick’s roots. Kiwi Fencing quickly followed in 1989, focusing on the need Warwick saw for agriculture solutions in the Pacific Northwest. For the last 36 years, Warwick has worked closely with large and small farms, livestock, horse facilities, conservation districts, tribes, foresters, horticulture and orchard operations, and zoological organizations. In addition to fencing application, much of his skill has been in farm layout, strategy, business, and operations. Warwick’s extensive experiences with farming, small business and agriculture are foundational to the wealth of knowledge he provides to all, from the beginning pioneer/farmer through major commercial operations. 

The Bryants currently farm 150 acres on the Key Peninsula as Kaukiki Farm, a sustainable grass-fed livestock and hay production operation that keeps Warwick’s experience relevant and applicable in today’s environment and challenges. Warwick and his wife of 36 years, Janice, raised two boys McHardy (21) and Jackson (19) as feral farm kids and hope to create environments where more families can do the same.

Custom Designs with a Personal Touch

Kiwi seeks to instill your ideas in every fence, gate or entry we build on your property. We cater to your dreams and help you create what no one else can build for you. We have the skill set to build what you want, and the commitment to see it through down to every last detail, making it unique and long-lasting.